Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{Craft Mafia}

I have always had a jonezin' to earn my bones for the {Craft Mafia}. Luckily for me, joining the Craft Mafia doesn't require giving some poor guy a pair of cement shoes. All it involves is starting a "local" group! So consider this my grassroots effort! :)

{if you don't know what the Craft Mafia is, take a sec and go {{here}}. Then come back. I'll wait for you, I promise!}

So. If you like crafting; like being creative; like hangin' out with creative peeps; sharing your particular craft genre; or learning about someone else's; and you think running with scissors should be an Olympic sport AND you live in the Panama City-ish area:

Okay ~ what do {you} have to do? It's easy. Just hit the group up on {{FaceBook}} or via my {{email}} and just tell me a little bit about you, what you're looking for and what you'd like to do. Since this is a grassroots effort, you get to have a {huge!} say in what's what! Sounds good, huh?!

Hoping to hear from you!! 

As always,
{sew-y craft-y hugs!}

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  1. Hi I know you from pattern review, but I have not reply since and I would like to tell you that, YES! I would like that pattern magic translation.

    This has been awhile ago. So sorry for the delay and idle account.


{thanks for hollering at me!}